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Thursday, October 23, 2008

mEmOrY jErK....

It's incredible how the mind works.... well it is incredible for me and my fellow bears here as our heads are stuffed with fluff.
So it is a true miracle we remember anything at all...... lots of 'cuddlers' minds are also stuffed with fluff or single brain cells but they do tend to refuse to be as honest as us bears... but there you go.

This morning I was surfing the 'net, as you do .. and came across this brand new
'dot com' blog... I think the owner has been around a while/ for some time / since time began though..... just a hunch you understand???

Anyways he mentions us bears there on his swish 'dot com' site ..... fame and fortune again dear bears..... but alas with accolade is the horror.. in the same resticted area he mentions 'Woody Woodpecker'...... arghhhhh Woody Ruddy Woodpescker' the bane of my life growing up with my dear 'cuddler' and her two evil older brothers.

The younger of the two brothers had a rubberised toy version of 'that' bird and he would insist on pecking at me really hard with it whilst imitating it's awful laugh .. listening to it now still makes my fur stand on end.. it seems like only yesterday.......

My cuddler would be hysterical trying to save me but still that darned woodpecker kept at me ....laughing on........

& don't even get me started on this evil little guy.. known as 'Shoddy' in our house

He sure got his come uppance when a friends son bit his bell off... how me and 'cuddler' laughed

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

make over .................

Since this new found 'thing ee me jig' blog type thing my 'cuddler' has taken pity on me and has taken so much more interest in me. She has realised just how shabby I have got over the past 40 odd years and has started a makeover programme on me.
She has started on my face. I know I looked irresistible before and 'cuddler' loves me however I look but hey I am not one to miss a bit more pampering........... judge for yourself the results.

Right eye before and after lazer and stitching

eye alignment before and after... ooo my amber eyes are so gorgeous..

Nose definition, age spot removal and fur bleaching..... before and after

now who is looking like a 'babe magnet' hey Grumpy Ted??

Oh ok the botox was a bit of a shock but I am told the swelling will go down soon.......

She is doing my legs next.........................

Friday, September 26, 2008

SnOwy bEar.. stitches and all

Hello everyone

My name is SnOwY bEaR.

I am a 40 something year old, fair
ly battered yet well loved teddy bear who has not had a bath in years ( I do recall however, having a rub over with a soft damp cloth once or twice though over years).

I started life in Liverpool in the early 60s. I don't know who my parent's/ maker's where, I do have a feeling it may have been
Mr & Mrs Woolworth based at Penny Lane, Liverpool.
I count myself so very lucky living it large in the swinging 60s with the Beatles and all.

My human (who we bears, refer to as 'cuddler') took me to see the 'Fab 4' pass by on an open top bus. My 'cuddler' waved me so hard as they passed by that it is no wonder in later life my right arm had to be stitched back on.

Suddenly, with out any warning, we were living by the sea side which was a great decision by my 'cuddlers cuddlers'. Sea, sand and sunshine.

One day when my 'cuddler' came back to visit Liverpool she left me on the bus. She managed to get all the way back to the sea side before she realised I was missing (she has always been gloriously dozey!). I can't blame her though as she was only knee high to a grasshopper then.

Thankfully I didn’t witness this embarrassing scene but apparently she screamed and created and sobbed for hours .

It was in those days that when people found things they took them to 'Lost Property' (not just drive over them or throw them in a bin)... anyway I was found. I was handed in to Hatton Gardens (the main bus company place for lost and found everythings including, thankfully me a lost bear).

I was given tea & toast with lashing of marmalade. I felt like my hero Paddington Bear. 'Please look after this bear' I remember thinking and my word look after me they did.

When my 'cuddler' came for me next day, she had to give a full description of me... well they wouldn't want me to be put in the hands of a ne'er do well...
The man behind the counter asked some questions (aww bless my 'cuddler' she was only 3 years old)... she answered ‘he is a snowy white bear, his name is snowy & I love him very much’

Yes I was indeed snowy white back then and very handsome too ... strange how us bears grow darker with age when our 'cuddlers' grow snowier??

Gosh I so remember being lifted above the counter by a pair of harsh yet gentle hands and seeing that big smile from my 'cuddler'. I was hugged and cuddled so much I thought all my stuffing would burst out of my ears.

As much as the chaps at the bus station lost and found gave me great board & lodgings (we played stud poker, drank dirty beer and watch late night movies) I was sooooo pleased to go home & we have never been separated since ........ I have had lots more adventured with my 'cuddler' over the 40 odd years & I will tell you more about it soon......

you know I and my fellow bears here (Busy and Grumpy) would so love to hear your stories ...just drop me or them an email ... speak to you all very soon
sNoWy BeAr x